About GO Charleston Deals

  • Local Charleston Deals

    GO Charleston Deals is a locally managed, localized marketing promotions company.
    Our goal is to provide Charleston area merchants a mechanism to offer deals to consumers.

    GO Charleston Deals is focused on lifestyle daily deals delivered to the top 20% (by income) of households in the Charleston market. Deals are delivered both via daily e-mails and through the company’s website, GoCharlestonDeals.com.

  • How we promote deals

    Merchants’ participation is promoted to consumers through direct mail and social media. Consumers sign up to receive daily e-mails.

    Since 2006, the use of coupons has grown more than 19%. E-mail and online coupon delivery systems have captured the attention of buyers. As the market has matured, merchants are increasingly dissatisfied by national coupon delivery systems which pressure merchants to offer deals that are “no deal” for participating businesses and which often swamp or overload the merchant, detracting from the consumer’s experience.

  • GO Charleston Deals’ mission

    I see our job at GO Charleston Deals as one of assisting the business owner by crafting deals that don’t overwhelm the business, result in a pleasant experience for the consumer and deliver the right consumer who will most likely become a repeat customer.

    Because we’re local, we work with other locally owned businesses, resorts, events and performing arts organizations that represent the vast richness of life in Charleston. Consumers purchasing a merchant’s GO Charleston Deal get an experience that may be a membership in an elite dinner club, a beauty make-over package or tickets to a theatrical performance.

  • We’re your company’s marketing partner

    Not only are we committed to delivering a slice of Charleston in each deal, we are committed to growing our town as well. With some of our campaigns, we partner with non-profit organizations who wish to direct their members to specific deals. Each deal purchased by a supporter of the nonprofit results in a donation to the non-profit directing the customer to the deal.

    “I see our win-win approach to marketing a business as a personal way of getting someone to experience a firm’s products and services. I want everyone in the deal to be happy. The merchant, the consumer, and I must each have a positive experience. I love Charleston. I see myself almost as an investor, helping each business grow and develop into their full potential.”